10 Most Profitable Software Companies

10 Most Profitable Software Companies

Software companies have been facing a tough competition particularly over the last few years. As new technologies emerge, it becomes harder for these companies to maintain their market share. Let’s have a look at some stats for the year.

Global software revenue totalled at $403.3 Billion ( As per Mashable ).

The below statistics from Statista, shows the top 10 software companies in the world.

1. Microsoft : $65.7b ( Leading the position is Microsoft by a huge margin as compared to Orable, more than double .)


2. Oracle : $29.6b

3. IBM : $29.1b

4. SAP : $18.5b

5. Symantec : $6.4b

6. EMC : $5.6b

7. HP : $4.9b

8. Vm Ware : $4.8b

9. CA : $4.2b

10. Sales Force : $3.8b


Image Source : Statista


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