5 Cars Synonymous With the Word ‘Strange’

5 Cars Synonymous With the Word ‘Strange’

Strange is defined as unusual or difficult to understand. Beautifully designed, staggeringly powerful, these are some of the things that come to mind when we talk about cars in general referring to the beyond average Maserati or Ferrari productions but the world is filled with quirky imaginative designers and there have been tons of cars which when looked upon gives the reaction – “THAT IS JUST WEIRD”. So here’s an article talking about the 5 strangest vehicles ever made in no particular order, a bow to the creatively weird.

  1. Flatmobile
Flatmobile Car
Flatmobile Car     img

You would think mass produced cars with ground clearance in the 160mm area were low, but wait till you see this car. A Guinness world record holder, it was built by Perry Watkins of Perrywinkle Customs in 2007. The Flatmobile inspired from “The Batmobile” has a height that is just a meager 19 inch and is powered by an 875cc engine mounted in the rear that is used for propulsion and here’s the kicker, it is supplemented by a Jet Engine. Yup a jet engine which was made out of a turbocharger. So, not only does it look great with an impala inspired design but has a pretty good engine to back it up making it a cool car to own, as suggested by its $15,000 price tag when it was sold in an auction in December 2012.

  1. Peel P50
Peel P50
Peel P50     img

Debuted in 1962 and coming back to life and into production again in 2011 after its short reign had ended in 1966, at a staggeringly small size of 54 inches long and 39 inches wide, P50 is still the smallest car in the world. But don’t worry about its housing capabilities, it was shown to be capable of housing a 6ft 5inch tall man during the show Top Gear. It has always been marketed as a city car built for a person and a shopping bag. Also, it isn’t a shabby car; it is equipped with a 3 manual transmission and can go up to 60kmph. The only downside is that it has no reverse gear, so you would literally have to haul it backwards. But still imagine how easier parking would be.

  1. Dream Car 123 or The Pyramid Electric Car
The Pyramid Electric Car
Dream Car 123 or The Pyramid Electric Car     img

It isn’t called The Pyramid Electric Car for some special innovation, it literally looks like a Pyramid and to think there were no Egyptian influences in modern technology.  George Zanis’s baby is powered by lead batteries and is capable of making a full 360 turn. With the latest updates, it costs about $16,000 to $24,000. A 3.5 hour electric charge can cost about $5 dollars and gives the car a 240 mile range. It hosts a single passenger and the passenger is even protected by glass proof windows on all sides.  If the design had not be so strange, one can only imagine the potential of the car that is capable of going 45mph or 72kmph and only costs you $5 every 240 miles.

  1. WaterCar Python
WaterCar Python
WaterCar Python     img

California based manufacturers WaterCar is not the first company to try and create an amphibious vehicle, but it definitely has more panache the way they go about it. Known as the fastest amphibious vehicle and quite expensive to boot, WaterCar’s variants can cost up to $200,000. It charges such a steep price for its beautifully designed Camaro inspired body, a Corvette engine to boot and not to mention its capabilities of reaching 60miles or about 97 kilometers per hour on water and 125miles or 202 kilometers per hour on land. If you have money to burn and hate traffic, buy this strange yet amazing contraption.

  1. Rinspeed SQuba
Rinspeed SQuba
Rinspeed SQuba     img

Rinspeed, a Swiss based company developed the world’s first vehicle that can be driven both on land and under water, calling it the sQuba. Inspired by the 1977 Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me, the sQuba is a 3 electric motor lithium-ion battery powered vehicle built on the Lotus Elise chassis. Capable of housing two occupants, the car’s top speed on land is about 75mph or 120kmph and on water is about 3-6kmph depending on whether it is on the surface or submerged. With the Lotus exterior giving it looks to kill and a good performance overall, might as well be strange but one of the most innovative creations in the automotive industry.

Strange here does not mean these creations are outcast, we just mean they took us by surprise. From amphibious to some genius setting creations, there were definitely some surprises, but we would like to give you a bonus for going through the article and hence end with a toy creation that is strange yet impressive.

 “The LEGO F1 Ferrari Race Car”

The LEGO F1 Ferrari Race Car
The LEGO F1 Ferrari Race Car     img

LEGO ever since its debut has caught the imagination of everyone from toys to movies etc. But it got just a little bit strange when someone decided to build a car based on Ferrari’s 2008 F1 model utilizing LEGO pieces. It cost about $20,000 and used an inconceivable 80000 LEGO pieces. Presented at the Lego World Event in Amsterdam, it claimed to be full drivable.

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