Coolest/Most Interesting car facts you never knew

Coolest/Most Interesting car facts you never knew

It’s hard to think a life in city without a car as they have become an integral part of our lives today. It’s interesting to know that the first automobile was believed to be invented in 1886 and how the automobiles have transformed human lives over the last 128 years. We bring you the coolest and the most interesting facts about cars you always wanted to know.

Beginning of automobile era

The first and the most interesting fact about cars is their history. Karl Benz, a German car engineer was the man who designed world’s first engine powered car in 1886 in the Mannheim city of Germany. He and Bertha Benz founded the Mercedes-Benz, world’s pioneer automobile manufacturer today.

Mercedes-Benz Image Source

Ford GT crushed ‘Roof Crushing’ Machine!

We all know the world famous American car company Ford. Founded in early 1900s, Ford is known for producing quality automobiles in terms of technology and material used. Ford launched its super ambitious sports car Ford GT in 2005. Interestingly, the GT was built so strongly that it broke the crushing machine during its Roof Crushing test prior to its launch.

Pay 578 Euros to park!

If we tell you that you’ve to pay for car parking, you’ll say I know. It’s easy as well all know that we’ve to pay to park but the question is how much? You would be surprised to know that the Central London is the most expensive city in the world to park in. The parking cost in the Central London goes up to 578 Euros a month with an additional congestion charges!

World’s most Expensive car

Luxury is costly and when it comes with style, power and comfort, it gets costlier. And if you think that Bentley, Bugatti and Rolls-Royce’s cars are costly, you might have to think again because the World’s most expensive production car is Lamborghini Veneno. It’s believed that you can buy up to 20 Bentley cars in the price of Veneno which means Venom in Italian. The Lamborghini Veneno comes with an engine power of 740 bhp that can produce a top speed of 355kmph and costs around $4.5 million!

Lamborghini Veneno
Lamborghini Veneno Image Source

First Petrol car

The first petrol driven car was introduced in 1896, ten years after the very first car was built by Karl Benz.

No new cars in Cuba, why?

Cuba is a small island country in Caribbean where you won’t get to see the latest cars. The picture of Cuba we see in movies is quite elegant with vintage cars on the streets but the reality is far from the elegance. In 1960, the United States imposed a trade embargo against the island country which stopped the trade of new cars in Cuba. The Cuban government lifted the ban earlier this year to allow its citizens to buy the car of their choice.

Cozy Coupe was sold more than Honda Accord

It’s one of the most interesting and surprising fact about cars. Cozy Coupe, a small, cute, colorful car manufactured by the American toy company Little Tikes was sold more than the popular Honda Accord in America. Since its launch in 1979, Cozy Coupe remained the bestselling American car for many years and sold a record 457,000 units in 2008 alone.

Cozy Coupe Car
Cozy Coupe Car Image Source

Increase car price if it’s successful!

Yes, this is what happens in Malaysia. If a particular car is doing well in terms of sales, its competitors can actually file a complaint to the authorities and they will ask the car maker increase the price forcefully. It was recently seen that Volkswagen’s Passat and Polo was given a forceful hike of $10,000.

A picnic table with Honda CRV!

If you own a SUV, you might wanna carry a picnic table and other things while going out somewhere as the car is big and have huge cabin space. But do you know a car which comes with a picnic table inside? It’s interestingly true. The initial Honda CRV used to come with a picnic table. There was an optional shower kit included in the car’s kit!

Your car is not safe if you’re in South Africa

Stealing anything anywhere is a crime but carjacking or car stealing is something thieves in South Africa enjoy the most. The African country is the carjacking capital of the world. South Africa’s carjacking rate is 18 times that of the United States. First carjacking happened in 1901 in Paris where thieves fled in a Limousine.

Other interesting car facts:

In Britain, a person makes 645 car journeys on an average in a year.

The number of cars in the world is more than 1 billion by a 2010 survey.

Manila city of Philippines is the worst city in the world to drive in. The main reason behind this is that the people do not respect the red-lights.

Automobiles have come a long way since their beginning in the end of the 18th century. From small cars to big heavy vehicles, from sports cars to luxury cars, we’ve got it all today. Thanks to the people who revolutionized the humanity with their automobile ideas.

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